Disseny Hub

The arrival in the building on the plaça de les Glòries of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, the Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BCD), and the Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (FAD), all paramount institutions in the promotion, dissemination and development of design in Catalonia, heralds a new phase for Disseny Hub Barcelona.
Designed by the studio, MBM Arquitectes, this building was conceptualised to house activities intended to enhance the visibility and enormous impact of the elementary discipline that is design, which is key to revitalising Barcelona socially, culturally and economically, both at home and abroad. Disseny Hub Barcelona is patently a new architectural icon for the city. It is also a modern facility, as evinced in the public precinct surrounding the building and featuring, among others, the BruumRuum! illuminated graphic installation, the work of David Torrents and artec3.
Management of the Disseny Hub Barcelona building is the result of public-private collaboration shared between the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, BCD and FAD. The conjunction of these three agents, benchmark entities in the design world, is unique in all of Spain and a rare occurrence internationally.

Mas Ravetllat-Pla

The Ramón Pla Armengol Foundation is a private institution dedicated to the help of medical research, the dissemination of Christianity and the study of the most important collection of antique furniture in Europe.
It has the Mas Ravetllat-Pla dedicated as a pharmaceutical laboratory, belonging to the outstanding doctor and pharmaceutical pioneer Ramón Pla Armengol, who dedicated the building to the production of drugs to combat tuberculosis, a business with which it generated great success.

Exiled during the Civil War, the building, as well as its activity, will go to the hands of his daughter, Dr. Nuria Pla. At the same time, Nuria’s passion for culture and the arts led her to start what would become the incredible collection of furniture and decorative art objects, with more than 800 pieces from the 14th to the 19th centuries. Let’s take a trip to the past of our pharmaceutical history with one of the most outstanding families of twentieth-century Barcelona, without forgetting the hidden secrets that each artistic piece of the house hides.

The wide variety of rooms can accommodate corporate events of different nature, excellence and uniqueness as premier reference: presentations, breakfast and dinners, conferences, commercials, fashion shows, recordings, weddings, press conferences, etc.


One of the most popular clubs in Barcelona, Carpe Diem is located next to the beach. A comfortable lounge atmosphere is found here.

The interior offers an Asian-inspired design. It combines a wonderful Mediterranean cuisine with a lounge area, that allows the guests to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife after a great dinner. Later in the night, a DJ transforms the scene into a bumping club and funky party scene.

This restaurant allows an exotic experience, with its cuisine and beautiful lounge: relaxation and party for those who would feel like having a unique time.


Inspired by the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the dolce vita of the late 50 ‘ and designed by the renowned architect and interior designer Lazaro Rosa Violan Velissima brings together a new concept of restoration and lifestyle immersed in the Mediterranean.

In the hands of the Marinelli Family, in Velissima we travel around the Italian coast using recognized culinary techniques to capture the most refined and expert palate.

Artisanal product and a variety of flavors accompanied by an extensive cellar of both Italian and international wines and champagnes, as well as the pairing with the best cocktails.

Requesens Palace

The Requesens Palace of Barcelona is listed as a Cultural Asset of National Interest. Located near the Church of St. Just, in the Gothic district, it used to be the largest residential building in the city during medieval times. It belonged to the Requesens family, one of the most important Catalan nobility.

The original construction from the 13th century was build in the wake of the Roman wall from the 3rd century, using one of the towers. The current building comes from a reform and expansion in the 15th century, when it became property of Galcerà Requesens.

From the 13th century original’s construction, the Gothic structure has been preserved as well as the mullioned windows. The palace is built around a large courtyard with open staircase that leads to the main floor. The last major restoration of the completed in 1970.

Since 1917 is the headquarters of the Royal Academy of fine arts, an institution that promotes knowledge of history and literature.

The wide variety of rooms can accommodate corporate events of different nature, excellence and uniqueness as premier reference: presentations, breakfast and dinners, conferences, commercials, fashion shows, recordings, weddings, press conferences, etc.

Fabra Observatory

Fabra Observatory, Barcelona Welcome to the Fabra Observatory of Barcelona Fabra Observatory, located in Tibidabo mountain, is a unique and emblematic space in the city, from its beginnings, it works around three areas: Astronomy, Meteorology and Seismology.

The Astronomical area is dedicated to little planets and comets astrometry within the framework of international programs.

The Meteorological area studies in detail the local climatology. The Seismic area intervenes in the world seismology, but particularly in the regional seismicity.

The Fabra Observatory belongs to the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona (RACAB). Built thanks to a legacy of Mr. Camil Fabra Fontaills, first Marquis of Alella, and inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1904. The building was designed by the modernist architect Josep Domènech and Estepà.

The Fabra Observatory is the fourth most antique that is still active.

The wide variety of rooms can accommodate corporate events of different nature, excellence and uniqueness as premier reference: presentations, breakfast and dinners, conferences, commercials, fashion shows, recordings, weddings, press conferences, etc.

Terraza Martinez

Martinez is located in the mountains of Montjuic; with a unique view of the port, the city and the sea. The restaurant is an oasis… to relax, share and enjoy.

The kitchen prioritizes the coast above all else; traditional dishes flow with the rhythm of the waves, from the Delicious Socarrat rice, to a steak, to the Quebracho charcoal grill.

It’s a beautiful winter hideaway, and a sunny, open space in the summer. Here you will find a modest kitchen, dressed by the views of the sea and the mountains.

Our menu and our daily suggestions will allow you to be picky and choose a light dinner or a meal of abundant dishes.

Our customers have created a meeting place, and a place also where they hide.

***Martínez offers unique and versatile spaces.

We can be elegant, formal, modern, classic… or discreet, scoundrels or funny…
We do company events, family celebrations, motor events, product presentation, film and TV shootings, press conferences, team building and big events.

Red Fish

Red Fish Barcelona is the restaurant of Club Patí de Vela Barcelona.


Our terrace!

Located in a privileged location where you can enjoy the best views of the city!

Our cuisine is Mediterranean, local and organic. We are a restaurant that works with the stations and according to the market in order to guarantee the best offer for our customers.


The rental of our space includes the possibility of using our sound system without any extra cost. We also offer the possibility of connecting your own playlist via mobile/pc/tablet or, you can even bring an external DJ/external music group. There’s also the possibility of hiring our DJ Red Fish. Our sound equipment includes speakers, Pioneer mixer table and a cable microphone. Any extra material that is necessary, will be assumed by the customer. If you wish, we can contact one of our collaborators.

W Hotel


Where urban glamour meets relaxed Mediterranean beach-side chill in a modern setting synonymous with class.

Located on the seashore in Barcelona’s bustling Barceloneta district, this luxurious hotel offers the very best in panoramic sea views, high-end meeting spaces and exquisite gastronomy for the most discerning palate, both within the hotel and right on its doorstep.


  • 6,000 square metres of event space
  • 360º views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean sea
  • Private beach
  • A wide variety of bars, restaurants and lounge areas

Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel


Recognisable from a distance, thanks to its unique design of palm trees and a glass mid-section panoramic restaurant, joining two 110 metre towers, it is an unmissable landmark.

Equipped with an interior garden oasis and lush vegetation.


  • Conveniently located in Barcelona’s Plaza Europa Square, next to the Fira Convention Centre.
  • 11 modular meeting rooms designated spaces for different events such as Palmer restaurant, Oasis and El Cel.
  • The wide choice of spaces make it the perfect place to host any kind of event, from a gala dinner to a product launch.