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Mirador Torre Glòries

Avinguda Diagonal 211

Imagine a place that allows us to observe Barcelona with a new look. A place from where we can perceive in detail how our environment transforms, from where we can discover our non-human neighbours, from where we can feel the beat of the city that affects our daily lives, of which we are often unaware. Imagine that this place is in the center that Ildefons Cerdà dreamt of for Barcelona, in one of the most emblematic buildings of the city: Torre Glòries.

Mirador Torre Glòries is a new cultural and entertainment experience. Through spectacular installations that combine art, music, technology and large-format audiovisual productions, the pulse of the city is taken, revealing it to be a living organism. A surprising way of presenting the city as a mesh of natural, social and technological forces. A new concept of double vantage point for contemplating Barcelona with fresh eyes, to rediscover and rethink it.