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Ikibana Sarrià

Carrer Doctor Fleming, 11

Our menu represents a gastronomic journey through the Brazilian and Japanese cultures, where you will discover different flavors, textures and aromas through a fusion that respects the fresh product as the protagonist, and where the preparation brings new nuances and surprises to the culinary experience.

The diner will travel ‘from the first savory bite to the last sweet one’ adding to this experience our different way of serving the dishes.


Sweetness that evoke memories that carry us to childhood. Artisan elaborations with exotic flavors respecting the traditional pastry

Our mission is for you to enjoy the dessert in every way, bite after bite, with a combination of ingredients for the perfect final touch.

Author’s cocktail

Our signature cocktails accompany perfectly the concept of our fusion cuisine, with unique ingredients that combined create a sublime experience to our clients. For an aperitif, a classic cocktail, a tropical, gin tonics or Japanese whiskeys like the Nikkita Taketsuro 17 or the Hibiki 17.


In Ikibana we are at your disposal to hold exclusive events: standing cocktails or group menus with absolute flexibility, adapting to the maximum needs of our customers. We make personalized menus, corporate or family events, private parties and gastronomic tastings, always customizing our premises and putting at your disposal a space and unique atmosphere. We can incorporate Live acts, Dj sessions, Red carpet, Photocall, Sushi workshops, magic performances, valet parking, everything depending on what your event needs.